Mgr. Arkady Alexandrov

Mgr. Arkady Alexandrov

In 2002 graduated from the Faculty of Law of State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow (now National Research University Higher School of Economics), with specialisation in Financial Law. He also studied European law, French constitutional, commercial, civil and administrative law.

2002–2003 he studied at the postgraduate level in Moscow and 2003-2004 he studied at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, Slovakia.

2006–2009 he was a junior lawyer to the managing partner at the reputable Czech law firm HRABA & CONSORTES v.o.s. specialised in commercial, agricultural, tax and administrative law of the Czech Republic and European law.

In 2009, after he had successfully passed bar exams and had become the member of the Czech Bar Association, he founded his own legal practice in Prague. In his legal practice he focuses especially on corporate law and corporate governance, law of commercial obligation, complex reality estate deals, civil litigation and administrative action, tax law (corporate tax, income tax, VAT, avoidance of double taxation, judicial review of tax authorities’ decisions) and legal aspects of business accounting.

He is a great enthusiast and connoisseur of architecture and classical music. He is interested in urbanism, railways and mass transit systems. He is a fan of rowing and athletics and sometimes he participates in amateur indoor rowing races and amateur running events.

Languages: Czech, Russian, French, Polish.